News, latest twitter trends and social media tweets summed up together is what I, Sanjeet Veen Roy stand for. Working in IT industry Infosys, Palo Alto, CA, United States, for past eight years, my long passion and interest is blogging on recent social media updates, News articles, and providing an insightful evaluation on current situations. Social media is inseparable element of our lives it is for me too. Provided I might not browse any social media website just for entertainment or updating my pictures, apart I concentrate on the latest news and current affairs. My father was a commerce professor and wanted me to pursue a career into becoming an IAS officer. Therefore, you see I landed up taking a profession by landing up in IT industry, but the Currents affairs have not left my way.

I have been into blogging about social media event for past few years as a ghostwriter and today I am taking up this new challenge to present my views on various news aspects trendy on the internet every day. Every one of us has the intuition of sharing the thoughts on things that happen around. Few are fortunate like me to make their own way, while few stay in dark. In other words, I love sharing my opinion by writing about it.

I believe, as modern dwellers we are very fortunate to experience the powerful tool of web information. I am so fortunate to take up profession that commends the technological advances helpful in building a fortunate future. I think platform like social media must be used to raise our voices to injustice and promote message of peace all over the world. Connected to a large platform, where I get chance to interact with anyone around the globe, I feel this is my moral responsibility to express myself to unveil things that happen around me.

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