One of the most significant aspects of human being is to interact with each other and this comes naturally to us however, it is often seen that most people are unable to communicate with others as they are slightly introvert and avoid coming in contact with the society. To avoid facing such situation it will be a good idea to teach kids right from their infant days the right way to communicate with others and develop a social connection. The first step towards this is to make children socially active in their toddlerhood.


It is usually noticed that babies and toddlers are quite active, also display acts of kindness, and easily absorb what is taught to them. However, they are, often shy to new people and do not respond to strangers well. An optimum way to introduce them to new people or friend is by getting them engaged in a playful activity with that person or kid, this may include playful actions such as taking turns in pressing the buttons of a toy or sharing a toy  house or building a sand castle together. Such activities will promote a feeling of mutual development in the child.

For kids who are in their preschool years it becomes important to get attention of others when they are saying something or else they may feel neglected and dejected. To avoid this situation, an interesting activity such as the name game could be tried. This involves having the children sit in a circle and passing the ball to each other by calling their names, the child then calls out a name and passes the ball to that kid who then does the same and passes the ball to someone else. This helps them in sharpening their memory power and also get to know their friends.

Some other types of games that involve self- control can also be played with the kids to help them get along well with others. The preschool years are the most important years of a child’s development as it is during this period that the child learns to develop their focus, attention and the ability to restain themselves and their impulsive behaviors, as such gaining self-control could be a major achievement and lead them to a trouble free growing up over the years. Making children socially active is important it will help them regulate their behavior for a better living within the society.


Social Activities for Toddlers – Teaching How to Interact with Those Around

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