It has quite some time I have not been so active on social media for various reasons.  Today when I was thinking to write something about the latest events on socials media, I happened to some across the articles and news of 2016. It is a new year beginning with new hopes and aspirations, so what I am focusing is about the most unexpected moments that left us shattered. Let us hope that this year we spread a strong message of peace and prosperity.

2016 was a wonderful year with like any other year for me, but not everyone had the same opinion. There were events that disturbed nation’s harmony, common person’s life was at risk.  A lot of blood was spilled in shadows of fear and terror. Three most dreadful incidents of this violence are:

Pathankot Attack – when everyone was busy welcoming the New Year with joy of a bright start, a terror strike took place on the border. On 2nd of January Pathankot airbase was attacked by Fedayeen team of terrorists killing seven jawans. This terror lasted for four days resulting in huge bloodshed.  Off the border, it might not be a painful thing to people like us, but we owe our lives to the militants who live every second for the country.

Pampore Attack – Lashkar-e-Taibas targeted CRPFs convoy in Pampore region of /Jammu and Kashmir killed eight jawans and injured more than 22 others on June 25. Jammu has always been the most sensitive zone and witnessed too many terror attacks in the past as well.

Uri Attack – This was the most sensational news on every platform of social media. People throughout the country raised their voice and showered their respect for Indian military services. On September 18, Fedayeen attacked more than 19 jawans at Uri headquarters near line of control. The attack also bought a relationship of Pakistan and India on the edge of a knife breaking all its cords that kept them together despite their differences. A sensitive situation was created were Muslim citizens of India were also scrutinized for the crime that has nothing to do with them. However, it is the unity of the country and the tactful decision of the Prime minister, which helped the country, keep its peace and harmony unaffected.

I, Sanjeet Veen expect this year to be a progressive year that joins hands to eliminate terrorism from every part of the world. Let build a better tomorrow and let us live a serene today.

3 Deadly Terrorist Attacks on India in 2016

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