Now that the countdown has begun for the president to switch out of his duties, there are some interesting facts one must look into the president Obama. When I am, saying interesting facts let us not talk about the serious things and achievements. Rather I, Sanjeet Veen would focus on impressive facts. Like every one of us, even president Barrack Obama does have certain qualities that are certainly interesting for the readers and admirers. Why always talk about serious politics, let us put these things ahead for most of the people who are not aware of them.

  • President Obama is left handed and as per the records is considered the six post war president who is left hand.
  • How many of you are comic fans? Most of us are out of our comic obsession, as we grow old. However, Obama is very different from this thought. Spider man and Conan Barbarian are his favorite comics and have a huge collection of these characters. Therefore, you see, the president of United States of America has unique interests.
  • Harry potter is sensation. Every teen and child who lost the habit of reading books gets back to the hobby through this book. To everyone’s surprise, Obama is one among those thousands of readers who made sure to read every series. Here is a big fan of Harry Potter.
  • He was very fond of boxing, especially Mohammad Ali. He is having a pair of red gloves that are autographed by Mohammad Ali. Therefore, among many people who are crazy about that punch and knock outs, Obama is one in the count.
  • Obama cannot withstand ice cream. No, not that he hates the taste or having any phobia towards it. Instead as a teenager Obama worked Baskin-Robbins, which is one reason why he lost taste for an ice cream.
  • Another extra but interesting fact about Obama is, he is very enthusiastic and amazing basketball player. For his exceptional basketball skills, Obama was often referred to as “O” ‘Bomber’.

From a teacher, civil rights lawyer to becoming a president, the journey to the road of success was never smooth. He was and will be a great inspiration and the most followed president on the twitter. Considered an example for peace and determination to bring progress in the country, the name Obama will be referred by future generation as idol of principles and dedication. It is overwhelming to list him in the most eligible and successful presidents of United States.

6 interesting facts about Obama

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